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Deeper Customer Understanding Leads to More Nuanced Communications and Richer Engagement

Add rich new dimensions to databases and discover deep customer insights in minutes, with three easy-to-use services.

1 Database Profiling: Profile databases using geoTribes Segments and optional data packs.

Build a deeper understanding of who is on your database and in your key segments in just minutes, with a Quick Append Database Profiling Report.

2 Data Enhancement Sandbox: Append geoTribes Segments and optional data packs to databases.

Understand customer behaviour, build rich narratives and colour your behavioural personas with whole-of-life measures, using the Quick Append Data Enhancement Sandbox. There is a maximum of 20k records.

3 Build a Target Area List: Create target area lists using geoTribes Segments.

Use the multi-country geoTribes segmentation to identify target audience hotspots and activate audiences in digital, social and OOH media, in Australia, NZ, USA, GB and Canada.

No Plans. No Contracts. Just Pay As You Go!

Discover Deep Customer Insights in Minutes!

Responsive image Prepare your data in one of our formats, upload your files and your Database
Profiling Report will be ready to download in minutes.


Press to see how quick and easy it is to make a Database Profiling Report.

From Profiling to Production Data Enhancement.

Database Profiling is the first step towards building deeper customer knowledge and delivering superior customer experiences.

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Data Enhancement at a Geographic Level That Suits You.

Our unique Geograph concords different geographic levels into a single consistent framework for use in the Quick Append Portal.

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Key Benefits

  • 1 Add rich new dimensions to customer databases and build deep customer insights.
  • 2 Minimal geographic and demographic data required for appending and profiling.
  • 3 Get results in minutes. Just register on the website and upload your customer, audience or market research data.
  • 4 Based on proven research products and audience activation pathways.
  • 5 No personally identifiable information (PII) is used in either the creation of the segments or optional data packs.
  • 6 Built to standard definitions across Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada and the USA.
  • 7 Target media in digital, social and OOH channels, based on database profiles and market research findings.
  • 8 There are no subscription or setup fees. Just pay with PayPal or a credit card for what you need, when you need it.
    Alternatively, larger users can set up a regular trading account.

How We Protect Client Information on the geoTribes Quick Append Portal.

We have taken strong measures to ensure that the Quick Append Portal adheres to the highest standards of anonymity, privacy and cyber security.

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  • We limit the amount of information submitted to the portal to the absolute minimum required to effect the data appending process. The portal does not accept any additional information in uploaded files.
  • The website application strips fine-grained location information from submitted data files at the earliest possible point in the process, as an added security measure.
  • After 14 days, appended client data is automatically deleted from the portal. Only a summary record of the transaction is kept for audit purposes. Clients are able to delete their data any time before the 14 days.
  • The tagging process is fully parametric and based on Census, population updates, Government microdata, anonymized market research surveys as well as geographic information from public and commercial sources.
  • Services on the geoTribes Quick Append Portal are conducted in compliance with the Australian privacy principles and the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (cth), as amended.

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