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What is Quick Append?

A secure portal that; (1) Appends rich consumer insights to survey research and small customer databases for DIY analysis and (2) Makes easy-to-read profiling reports with immediate insights to create richer, fact-based customer narratives.


Data Appending for DIY Analysis

Append geoTribes and geoSmart Segments and optional Consumer Data Packs to customer databases and market research surveys. See Example Data Appending Output.

Understand customer behaviour with whole-of-life measures. This service is for small-scale projects like feature identification, proofs of concept and colouring segment personas. Maximum record limit is 20k – use our Living Insights Portal or Snowflake Service for production-scale data enhancement.


Database Profiling for Immediate Insights

Profile databases using geoTribes and geoSmart Segments and optional Consumer Data Packs . See Example Database Profiling Report.

Build a deeper understanding of who is on your database and in your key segments. Benchmark segment composition against the market.

How Does it Work?

A simple, transparent drag and drop process that gives results in under five minutes. Available 24/7. Just pay for what you use, when you need it.

What Use Cases Does Quick Append Support?

Quick Append supports a broad range of data enhancement and customer analytic use cases for research surveys and small customer databases.

Click on each below to see how easy it is to use Quick Append!


What Data Formats Work with Quick Append?

Quick Append accepts uploaded databases for Australia in a variety of easily prepared PII & non-PII formats*.

Supported Database formats

For coding details and template formats for Australia and overseas, Register or Login and visit the Quick Append
Resources page. The absolute minimum for a uploaded database is a list of Postcodes.

How Uploaded Data Is Protected on Quick Append

Quick Append adheres to the highest standards of anonymity, privacy and cyber security.

  • Uploaded data is strictly limited to the absolute minimum required for data appending. No additional information is accepted on uploaded files.
  • Quick Append strips fine-grained location information from uploaded data at the earliest possible point in the process, so there is no PII on appended databases.
  • After 14 days, appended files are automatically deleted from the portal. Only a summary record of transactions is kept for audit purposes. Users can delete their appended databases at any time before the 14 days.
  • The tagging process is fully parametric and based on Census, population updates, Government microdata, anonymized market research surveys as well as geographic information from public and commercial sources.
  • Services on the geoTribes Quick Append Portal are conducted in compliance with the Australian privacy principles and the  Australian Privacy Act 1988 (cth) , as amended.